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Niagara Tours Are Great To See Niagara Falls

Niagara Tours Are Great To See Niagara Falls

Niagara falls tours are a wonderful way to see the excellent sights of Niagara Falls even if...

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Make Vacation Plans by Visiting Travel Review Blogs

Make Vacation Plans by Visiting Travel Review Blogs

One of the major advantages associated with the internet is the option to read people's vacation and traveling experiences in blogs. In fact, it is quite common for travel bloggers to discuss their travel...

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Tampa destination management

Tampa destination management

If you are looking to book and event and have it help in Tampa Florida then you should look heavily into a destination...

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Pennsylvania Distributor Introduces New Inventory

Pennsylvania Distributor Introduces New Inventory

Erie, PA - October 11, 2013 - Alliance Express has been on a roll for the last couple of months, expanding its product inventory by leaps and bounds. This month brings another update to the company’s...

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Reid Supply Company Extends Offerings with New Line of Hand Wheels

Reid Supply Company Extends Offerings with New Line of Hand Wheels

Muskegon, MI - September 30, 2013 - Reid Supply Company, which has been serving Muskegon, Michigan for more than 50 years announces the release of a line of hand wheels. The U.S. based industrial products...

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Alliance Express Adds Flexible Silicone Star Tubing to its Online Store

Alliance Express Adds Flexible Silicone Star Tubing to its Online Store

Product distribution and e-commerce company continues to expand its online inventory with the addition of new products. Erie, PA -- September 30, 2013 -- Alliance Express, a global leader in industrial...

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Our Interview with Russ “Eddie Z” Hazelcorn, COO of EZ Trading Computers

Written by Event Press Release. Posted in Computers and Technology

Best laptop for stock trading

Russ Hazelcorn, COO of EZ Trading Computer, grew up in the world of professional trading.
In this interview, he explains how his background and passion for technology inspired him to start a company that builds specialized computers for the trading industry.

How was it that you ended up finding your niche?

Russ Hazelcorn: I’ve spent a nearly all my life as a trader. My dad was a trader on the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange). He took me to work with him since I was seven years old. After completing my MBA, I became a stockbroker. I did that successfully for about 17 years. All this time I’d been building computers for my friends, my dad, and his friends. I decided to combine my two passions, trading and technology, into a business. That’s what you see today.

Do you have a business plan? If so, has it needed any tweaking over time?

Russ Hazelcorn: At first, the business plan was to test to see if there was a big enough market for these products. Then we put together a more focused plan. Our business plan now is always adapting. It’s becoming more defined based on the climate of the trading community.

What is the biggest challenge in running EZ Trading Computers?

Russ Hazelcorn: Finding enough time to complete all tasks and projects that I want to implement.

Where do you see EZ Trading Computers in the next few years?

Russ Hazelcorn: My plan is pretty simple. I want to continue to grow the business. I want to deeply entrench my company in the trading niche. And, I want to expand into other niches as well using our same business model.

Do you have any advice for anyone that may be thinking of starting their own business?

Russ Hazelcorn: Make sure there’s an existing marketing for your product idea. Test it out first before you commit a lot of money, or other people’s money.

How has the evolving world of technology and the internet impacted how you conduct your business?

Russ Hazelcorn: For us, the Internet is everything. It’s the most important feature of our business. I know how important it is to stay on top of the technology on a daily basis.

How do you market a company like EZ Trading Computers?

Russ Hazelcorn: There are a lot of tactics we use. To us, nothing is more important than our simple strategy: Educate. Our mission is to educate traders on technology. As long as we keep that at the forefront, our marketing falls into place.

Finally, how would you describe your management style?

Russ Hazelcorn: My management style has three simple rules: One, express expectations. Two, delegate. Three, never micromanage. These rules work together. A lot of things work themselves out when I use these rules to manage employees and contractors.

If you are interested in learning more about this company, visit online at


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Our Latest Interview with Brandt Electrical Services President Paul Brandt

Written by Event Press Release. Posted in Home Improvement

Christmas lighting installation

During our most recent interview with Paul Brandt, we learned the secret to his success and what he does to reward his employees who contribute to the company’s success.

We did a little research on your company and discovered that you’ve been in business for more than 25 years. How did Brand Electrical Services become so successful?

Paul Brandt: Basically through establishing Brandt as the go-to-electrical contractor for quality electrical work at reasonable prices. We’ve worked hard to maintain our pricing structure while still providing quality service.

Small businesses typically create jobs in the local community. Do you have employees and if so, what types of people do you employee?

Paul Brandt: Yes. We have administrative as well as field employees.

What can you tell us about your management style?

Paul Brandt: I like to provide a guideline for our employees with expectations and goals. I then expect my management team to mentor and train the employees they manage. I like to encourage employee input and innovative ideas. I offer bonuses to employees who achieve the company’s goals in both revenue and customer service.

As president of Brandt Electrical Services, Inc, Paul Brandt has been helping residential, commercial and multifamily customers with their electrical issues for over 25 years. Visit today to learn more about what this company can do for you.


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Serendipity Medspa and Weight Loss Announces Opening of Third Location in Atlanta, Georgia

Written by Event Press Release. Posted in Health and Fitness

Atlanta liposuction

Growth of Serendipity Med Spa and Weight Loss creates job opportunities for Atlanta area residents

Atlanta, GA — September 14, 2013 — Serendipity Medspa and Weight Loss is pleased to announce that it has expanded its number of locations. This newest Med Spa, located in the very heart of Midtown Atlanta, is the third facility for this three year old business. The new location will allow Serendipity Medspa and Weight Loss to continue providing a wide range of weight loss, anti aging and cosmetic surgery options, along with a few new choices.

Easier Access for More Patients

The newest Serendipity Medspa and Weight Loss center is located at Brookwood Square, behind Houston’s Restaurant, at 2140 Peachtree Rd. Suite 315, Atlanta, GA, 30309. This centralized location will open up Serendipity Medspa and Weight Loss to a greater number of people who are in search of improving their health and self image.

“We believe opening a new location and offering additional services will bring in a larger patient base,” says Dr. Lee Rippy, MD, owner of Serendipity Medspa and Weight Loss. “This will also be a huge convenience for patients living closer to the city. We are also pleased to be able to contribute to the community by creating more job opportunities. This is a very exciting time for Serendipity and we look forward to the road ahead.”

New Services on the Horizon

Serendipity Medspa and Weight Loss is also pleased to announce that it will be offering a number of new services to its patients. In addition to cosmetic surgery, weight loss and anti-aging solutions and teeth whitening treatments, patients at the Serendipity Medspa and Weight Loss can also purchase skin and hair care products, teeth whitening products and other spa products.

With this new facility up and running, the Serendipity Medspa and Weight Loss is looking forward to seeing new faces walking through the doors quite soon.

For over six years, Serendipity Medspa and Weight Loss has provided the finest in weight loss, rejuvenation and cosmetic procedures to its patients. To learn more, please call 770.686.1333 or visit


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We Interview Aleksey Shlyakhta, CEO of Breathe Slim Inc.

Written by Event Press Release. Posted in Health and Fitness

Oxygen weight loss

Breathe Slim Inc. CEO Aleksey Shlyakhta has quite an interesting story to tell about his background and business ventures. Though he’s run into a few obstacles with his current business, in the interview that follows, Mr. Shlyakhta explains what makes him keep going strong.

What was it that made you decide to start your own business?

Aleksey Shlyakhta: I recognized an opportunity to introduce a proven product to the American public.

What does your company, Breath Slim Inc. do?

Aleksey Shlyakhta: We manufacture, market, and distribute a health and wellness respiratory trainer.

How was it that you ended up finding your niche?

Aleksey Shlyakhta: Through past partnerships with Breathe Slim’s Vice President, Anton Suprun.

Can you tell us a bit about your background, education and work history?

Aleksey Shlyakhta: I have a master’s degree in Engineering from the prestigious Moscow School of Engineering. My first successful business venture in the United States was starting IGT in 2002. IGT is a wholesale medical distribution company. IGT partnered with previously known Home Diagnostic Inc., now Nipro Diagnostic, to distribute high-end blood glucose monitoring systems overseas. Within a six-year period, in 2008, IGT controlled over 43% of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan’s blood glucose monitor market.

I got involved with patenting Frolov’s Respiratory Training Device (FRTD), the device that Breathslim® originated from, in the year 1999. In those years, I developed a strong business relationship with Anton Suprun who is the CEO of Dinamika Company and VP of Breathe Slim Inc.

Were there any unexpected obstacles that occurred along the way?

Aleksey Shlyakhta: We did not expect to have so many difficulties in selling Breathslim in the weight loss segment. That was a major mistake.

Do you have a specific business plan for Breathe Slim Inc.? If so, has it required any changes over the years?

Aleksey Shlyakhta: Yes. We had to make a serious change to the vertical that we sold Breathslim in. We also made changes from a marketing perspective.

Have there ever been times that you have wanted to give up? If so, what made you persevere?

Aleksey Shlyakhta: Yes, but every single positive customer review of Breathslim gave us the motivation to keep going!

Finally, what has been the most rewarding part of running your own business?

Aleksey Shlyakhta: Making a positive impact on the quality of health of our customers.

For over three years, Breathe Slim Inc. has been helping to improve the lives of its customers through its revolutionary Breathslim product. Visit today to learn more about this product and what it can do for you.


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Smile Creations Offers Oral Appliance for Reduction of Migraine and TMJ Pain

Written by Event Press Release. Posted in Education and Reference

Austin dental implant

Cosmetic Specialty dental practice offers a solution for those who live with frequent migraines

Austin, TX — September 17, 2013 — Smile Creations is pleased to offer a specialized oral appliance to its patients that suffer from chronic migraines, TMJ and jaw pain. Knowing that conditions like these can be painful and interfere both with ones sleep habits and overall quality of life, Smile Creations can help those who are suffering to lead a normal life by significantly reducing or eliminating the pain altogether.

A Revolutionary Diagnostic System

Smile Creations uses a state-of-the-art Neuromuscular diagnostic and treatment system that allows them to help its patients in a way that other dentists typically cannot. Rather than simply treating the symptoms and leaving the problem intact, John Calvert, DDS, and his trusted staff eliminate as much of the underlying problem as possible.

With a simple appliance, patients that are suffering from TMJ, headaches, migraines, and neck and jaw pain can finally find relief. These revolutionary oral appliances can also replace bulky and uncomfortable C-PAP machines for those who suffer from sleep apnea at night. Not only will this small appliance be more comfortable, but more portable for those who may need to travel.

A Highly Skilled Team

Dr. John Calvert, DDS, has been in business for 28 years, and brings a unique blend of experience of education to the aide of his patients. Dr. Calvert received advanced training at the Pankey Institute of Advanced Dental Studies, where he learned how to properly identify and treat certain painful and chronic conditions.

In addition to providing pain relief, Smile Creations also provides its patients with a wide range of reconstructive, cosmetic and routine procedures, including crowns, veneers, smile makeovers, and routine cleanings.

Patients with minor to severe crowding of their teeth can also receive a new and improved Invisalign system to straighten their teeth. Less painful than traditional methods and nearly invisible to the casual observer, the Invisalign system is often the perfect option for those who want to correct their smiles without the use of metal braces.

Smile Creations has been serving its local community in Austin, TX for 28 years. If you are experiencing chronic jaw pain or migraines and are interested in learning how Smile Creators can help, please visit online at


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Can-Do Printing Doubles Production with Purchase of New Ryobi 750 Printing Press

Written by Event Press Release. Posted in Business

Customized presentation folders

Phoenix printing company takes steps to enhance quality, output and customer satisfaction with purchase of top of the line printing press.

Phoenix, AZ — September 6, 2013 — Can-Do Printing is pleased to announce the purchase of a six color Ryobi 750 offset printing press with an integrated inline coater.The Ryobi 750 is one of the highest quality presses available on the market today. The new addition allows the company to double its production with printing pocket folders. The speed and efficiency of the Ryobi 750 will accommodate the company’s rapidly growing customer base.

Higher Quality with Greater Efficiency

The addition of the Ryobi 750 printing press will allow Can-Do Printing to meet its rising customer demand while providing the utmost in quality. This new printing press can run at a maximum speed of 15,000 sheets per hour and is capable of printing a press sheet as large as 24 inches by 29 inches. With the Ryobi 750 printing press, Can-Do Printing has the ability to offer a wide range of coatings and other options.

The company has also purchased a UV coating machine that has the capability to put a very nice matte or gloss coating down onto the paper after it has been printed on.

Products That Are Affordable

For 35 years, Can-Do Printing’s mission has been to offer some of the lowest pocket folder printing prices in the United States. The addition of this new printing press will help them continue to fulfill that mission.

Whether customers are interested in standard pocket folders, custom presentation folders, file folders, high quality posters or brochures, Can-Do Printing will deliver a low cost, high quality product.

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Can-Do Printing has been proudly providing its customers with high quality custom pocket folders, presentation folders, posters and brochures for over 35 years. Those who are interested in learning more about this company, its history and the services it can provide are welcome to visit online at


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