A Guide to Diabetic Foot Care – Alabama Wild Man

Cathy Parkes is a LevelUpRN registered nurse. Kathy discusses how diabetes affects feet and the way people with diabetes need to care for their feet to reduce or avoid complications.
Hyperglycemia, which is a form of diabetes, can lead to an elevation in blood sugar levels. Chronic or persistent hyperglycemia may lead to nerve damage. Injuries to the legs and feet is known as peripheral nervepathy which can cause injuries, leg pain, infections, deformities, and even amputations and sepsis. People may also feel the sensation of tingling or numbness in their feet. Numbness, which may reduce the sense of injuries and fractures.
Kathy discusses how diabetes can harm your motor, sensory as well as autonomic nerves. She also explains what each could cause complications.
Kathy examines the Top Ten Tips for Diabetes foot care. They include diabetic specific foot care regimens, things should be avoided, and suggestions concerning general foot health and managing blood sugar levels.
Kathy’s video discusses the ways that diabetes affects your feet, and what you need to do in order to care for diabetic feet. jngu5pglzz.

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