Adjusting Your Trailer Brakes the Easy Way – Customer Support Portal

crucial. Brakes are some of the primary safety functions on your vehicle, and an issue with the brakes can be one of the main factors that cause fatal car accidents. You could use a trailer brake controller or set it manually if are hauling a truck. Maintaining your trailer and truck brakes calibrated is a continual chore, but the results will pay to protect your vehicle and the ones surrounding you. The video below shows how to change the trailer brake manually to ensure it aligns perfectly with the vehicle.

In the beginning, you will need to calibrate your trailer’s brake sensor. In order to do this, park your truck with the trailer in tow on a very level road. The complete circuit of sensors between your vehicle and the trailer will result in the sensor glowing a green LED. If you push the power button then press manual brakes then the LED lights up red. You can slowly dial in up the control until you reach max. This setting is great to transport.


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