At-Home COVID Testing in Minutes – NYC Independent Press

In the past year, you’ve probably seen COVID-10 fast testing kits on the shelves at your local pharmacy or department stores. The creation of the covid rapid test has changed the methods people use to test for the disease. Instead of sitting in their automobiles and scheduling appointments for weeks before, they can now opt to get an instant test.

The COVID pandemic has been a major hit in the world in many ways. The symptoms caused by the virus range from mild to debilitating. Since viruses can spread quickly many people may find it difficult to reach the hospital before the symptoms turn serious. The rapid and covid tests makes the test accessible to people who can’t drive or are severely ill. It takes about 20 minutes for a proper test, shortening the wait dramatically. They’re easy to do and provide clear directions on how you can get the best results. The rapid COVID test available located at your local drugstore is a proof of the improvements made to COVID research.


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