Does Your Big Event Have the Right Press Release?

Writing a press release for an event

Each day, approximately 80 million people use the internet to get their news. In addition to that, more than 100 million people find products and services with the aid of a search engine. The potential to reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people when you have a big event press release is remarkable when you harness the internet. However, before you can get to that stage, you may need some event press release examples. Here is some guidance for approaching the process of writing a press release for an event.

The post event press release.

Did you know that it might not be too late to create a press release? In fact, there may even be some added benefits to waiting until after the event, such as great pictures, details on attendees, and any other results that the event brought, such as money raised, celebrities in attendance, or other successes. Create the press release like you would on any other, just focus on what actually happened instead of on what was going to happen.

The fashion press release.

With any press release that goes out before an event, it is important to give all of the pertinent details so that media and the general public know how, where, and when they can attend. Fashion event press release examples include those written for fashion week in your city, fashion lines being released, fashion shows debuting, and fashion events in coordination with fundraisers. You might consider also doing a video news release, or VNRS, as fashion is such a visual medium that it might translate better in video format.

The book press release.

When you write a press release for a book, it would be helpful to focus on a launch party or book signing as a way to draw the media out. If a book is simply hitting stands, it might not be as intriguing to journalists. For event press release examples that might help you, look for the releases associated with books that would be considered competition, or press releases that have come directly from publishing houses. Depending on the nature of the announcement, you might employ a marketing strategy which keeps your press release from reaching the media until a specified date.

Even though you are creating a press release for an event, you should try to keep the hype to a minimum, as you are not creating an event flyer, but an informational piece to attract the attention of media sources. A press release that looks too much like an advertisement will not be well received by journalists. Use these tips for your next fashion or book event, and remember that it is okay to send a release following an event if that has the potential to garner more media attention.

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