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All of us want to avoid this. There’s a good chance that you’ve attended an event that was a funeral during our lives. But what’s the history of funerals as they currently are? This article examine the background of funerals.

The film “When was the very first burial in the human past?” It is revealed that burials in time began around the paleolithic or stone age. We know this is from the discovery of remains that date back up to the present time.

One of the challenges that came up was to determine if remains that were found were deliberately buried, or were simply covered up through time. Anthropologists searched for evidence that suggests that the remains had been deliberately placed in graves. This video shows that objects found close to the grave site are evidence that burial was planned.

Spain is the home of one of the earliest known burials. The reason this is thought to be the first burial to be found in the history of mankind is because the bodies were dug into a cave with only one entry point. They were believed to be planned as only one entry was available.


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