How Boiler Water Treatment Works – Boston Equator

Take care to avoid any problems that could arise. This video provides information on the treatment of boiler water to.

The boiler is comprised of many elements, which include a drum of water that is a water source as well as a steam outlet and a source of heat. The water entering the feed has to go through several important processes. Clarification is conducted using gravity-based sedimentation. The removal of foreign material is done by filtering. Demineralization is the process of removing minerals and ions that could cause corrosion. Deaeration is the process by which one removes oxygen and air. In order to remove impurities, other internal processes are also performed before the boiler converts the steam into water.

Poor treatment can lead to damage, foaming and even deposition. These problems can be solved with demineralization and filtration polishing with condensate, and other methods.

It is vital to ensure that steam boilers operate effectively by treating the water that is used to make the boiler. If contaminants enter the boiler water, it can lead to reduced effectiveness, high cost repairs and even permanent damage.


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