How Cement is Made Before it Gets to a Cement Company – How Old Is the Internet

Have you ever wondered where cement comes from before it reaches the cement company? The answer is available through this short video.
After the processing and extraction of raw materials, cement production doesn’t begin. The cement raw materials found in quarries are slates, limestone and several types of shale. When it is essential, blasting equipment also assists with the excavation process.
The next step of the process, excavated materials are transported to a crusher plant. Depending on the cement company that is transporting the cement, the process can be carried out by railroad freight cars or trucks, ropeways, conveyor belts or pipelines.
Preheating takes place after mixing and crushing. It is at this point that the powders get mixed. A preheated mixture of around 990 degrees Celsius aids in the removal of any impure elements.
The next step is heating during which the rock is heated to temperatures over 1500degrees Celsius. Once limestone is heated it starts to loose its carbonate structure. ebeb2prpvb.

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