How Dental Bridges Work – Kredy Online

Ental bridges serve to fill in a missing tooth. Their method of doing it is by covering adjacent teeth while filling in the missing tooth.

The likelihood of you getting dental bridges depends on if the adjacent teeth are strong enough to support them. Consult your dentist if aren’t sure if this is possible. The dentist can examine your teeth and determine decide if it is possible to utilize dental bridges.

Thanks to dental cement dental bridges can be kept in place. The bridge will remain in position. If you experience a tooth pulled and you want to put in a bridge it’s better to put it off for a few days and let the socket get healed.

It is possible to choose from a variety of bridges. Your dentist will advise you which is suitable in your mouth. If the dentist chooses to give you bridges, the procedure will be done in two parts. For making the bridge the dentist first takes a mould of your teeth. After that the dentist will make the bridge into position.


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