How to Host a Minecraft Server – UPside Living

The process of determining how to set up a server could be difficult. There are a variety of ways that to do this!

A great way to host a temporary server is by using LAN. It will show a button that reads “Open to the network” after you have opened your menu. After selecting the settings you prefer, select “Start LAN World” and it will launch the server locally. This is a great method to bond together with others in your house but on an additional device. Since it’s temporary, it is removed when turned off.

To open a permanent LAN server, you need first download a separate Minecraft Jar file from the official Minecraft page. Then, you can create a node file in the exact folder that you have put the jar file in, following a couple of configurations then you will be able to connect to the permanent LAN server without it disappearing when you log off.

Minecraft is a classic game to play in multiplayer mode having the ability to host an online server is the very first stage to have fun with your fellow gamers. A server online will allow users to connect and play within a safe and enjoyable setting.


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