How to Lay Pea Gravel – DIY Home Decor Ideas

Garden and ard. In this article, we will discuss how to lay pea gravel right in the beginning.

Be sure to use 14mm chips. The smaller gravel won’t remain as long or disperse much more quickly, which makes it an unclean choice.

You will then need to figure out where your path of gravel should be on your lawn, and plan it. Be sure to take measurements two times and then use chalk stakes and fishing line to define the location you’ll put your path.

Get rid of the plants and weeds, and lay the weed barrier. The weed membrane keeps the gravel protected from unwanted weeds. This will reduce the need for you to continuously dig your driveway to get rid of those.

The next step is to lay the dirt. Sprinkle the gravel down the path and disperse it evenly using an rake and shovel. It shouldn’t go more than 50mm deep. Make sure that you can see the highest point of your pathway and also that you’re not sinking each time.

Finally, hose down your area to clean off dirt and let the gravel shine cleanly. This is now a practical and attractive pathway.


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