Kids Experience Horrific Encounter With Armed Robbers – Entertainment Videos

. We’ve been warned. It’s almost unimaginable to most of us to imagine your children being taken away at guns while in the house. It’s an uncommon event. The possibility exists, but it’s not common. This video shows an example of an armed robbery that occurred at the most uncomfortable time. This was because the kids were at home by themselves as their parents were out. Everything was recorded by the home security system.

The thieves made children lay on the ground as they looked for their belongings. The children have difficulty opening the safe. The girls take the girl by the hair, before dragging her into the safe. It is illegal to assault a person, as well as other things. Most likely, they’ll need assault bail bonds once they’ve been caught.

Parents received an alert to their cell phone via their security system in this encounter. They confronted them who were far away. The men yelled at criminals to flee and stated that they were headed for police.


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