Lets Talk About Lead Paint and Health – Health Talk Online

ndustries. When inhaled or eaten, they can cause harm to one’s health. The narration in the video suggests that homeowners must consider whether or not your home could be damaged by lead paint in repairs.

According to the video that lead is harmful to children’s bodies most as their bodies and brains are developing, albeit it can also harm adults. The damage caused by lead is permanent and can manifest as a later point throughout a person’s lifetime via issues with learning and angry eruptions.

Is it possible to tell if the paint on their house is lead?

Though lead paint was prohibited in 1978, it does not necessarily mean that all houses constructed prior to 1978 had been coated with the substance. Although a property may have lead-based paint that is clean and in good shape, with none peeling or cracking it’s not necessary for you to get lead paint repair experts.

But, homeowners should seek out professionals to examine the painting on their house to determine if it is peeling. When you’re renovating an old building, it is important to find professionals who are trained in lead safe methods.


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