Military Town Advisor Adds Directory of Military Friendly Real Estate Agents

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Online resource directs connects military families to agents who understand their unique needs.

September 5, 2013 Military Town Advisor is pleased to announce that it has added a directory of military friendly real estate agents to its website. Cameron Allison, founder of Military Town Advisor, compiled the list based on recommendations from military families.

Most families that have gone through or are preparing for a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) know that finding a realtor who fully comprehends the specific needs of a military family can be extremely difficult.

Resources for Everyone

Military families typically need to get their affairs in order and move to their next home within ten days. Within that ten day time frame, the family must find a new house and sign a contract. It is important that these families have access to a directory agents who understand that time is of the essence. The agents on the Military Town Advisor list realize that unlike regular families, military families often have to move within a very short time frame.

A military friendly realtor will also grasp the importance of staying within a families BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing), which is the amount of housing assistance that a soldier and his or her family receive from the military. Understanding programs like these makes the process easier in that the military friendly realtor will not waste time suggesting homes that the family cannot afford.

Trust the Seal of Approval

Military Town Advisor will create a “seal of approval” for the agents who truly understand and are able to help military families preparing for a PCS. A realtor that receives the Military Town Advisor Approved Seal will either be a military spouse, or one that has been personally recommended by another military family.

In addition, Military Town Advisor plans to offer advertising opportunities for realtors who want to reach out to those military families that are in need of assistance.

A resource created for and by military spouses, Military Town Advisor has been making relocation easier since January 2012. Those who want to know more, or are interested in seeing the reviews and recommendations this website has to offer are welcome to visit online at


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