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This video talks about the way in which damaged car dent costs are calculated. The clip is entitled ” How I Price My Paintless Dent Repair”. He clarifies that pricing is a touchy subject but the service they provide can prove worth it. A company that specializes in repairs to autodents could transform your car into something completely new.

It’s used for fixing the dings and scratches in large regions that aren’t painted. It’s also used to restore damaged panels painting, by removing filler material. Large dents can be repaired with this method, provided that the metal and paint have not been stretched. The business offers an option to paint the vehicle if this method is not enough to restore the vehicle.

The price is $150 for one-inch dent and a three-inch dent is around $250. The cost is determined by the size of the hole, an hourly rate as well as the amount needed for the repair. Larger dents may need the examiner to determine what kind of steel is required, what it would cost to paint in addition to which elements need replacement due to damage inside. The average 7 to 8 inches of dent could cost anything from $500 to $700. If the car requires an exterior paint job it will incur an additional cost. A technician with at least three or four years’ expertise can fix dents at roughly $125/hour. Work performed by an auto repair company requires specialized skills and it is labor-intensive. j1rnwvltee.

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