Oz Robots, Australia’s Number One Robot Vacuum Provider, Adds Floor Mopping Robots to Inventory

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The new iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot dry and damp mops all hard-surface floors, including tile, hardwoods, vinyl and laminate.
Ultimo, NSW – November 8, 2013 – After two years of meteoric success, Oz Robots is announcing another massive update to its already impressive inventory. A new range of iRobot Braava robots was introduced last month, replacing the previous Evolution Mint Cleaners from iRobot.

Two new models, the Braava 320 and the Braava 380t are replacing the Mint 4200 and Mint 5200, respectively. Designed to systematically and efficiently mop the floor with either dry or wet pads, they Braava models use NorthStar® Navigation Cubes. The NorthStar Navigation System helps the robot keep track of areas that have been covered to make sure it passes over each spot only once. This new technology replaces that of the Scooba models, which mop randomly. Oz Robots is also highlighting the ease of use provided by the Braava. The unit is started with only one push of a button, and will return when it is done to the same place it started. The new Braava models are almost entirely silent. Customers will find that they can use the Braava product while they sleep or watch television.

The new range of iRobot Braava was launched in September and added to the Oz Robot website, www.ozrobots.com.au, in October. The company’s owner explained, “The Braava range is important to us as it allows us to offer the widest range of Robot Vacuum Cleaners in Australia at the best prices.”

Oz Robots is located at 608 Harris St. in Ultimo NSW. Learn more about the company, its new range of iRobot Braava robots and other products and accessories by visiting www.ozrobots.com.au or emailing info@ozrobots.com.au.



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