Porch Pirate Stumbles on Camera – Entertainment News Today

in the United States. You are responsible for all parcels left at your house. Criminals may track delivery trucks and seize packages. Many homeowners have made the decision to installed security cameras in their homes. These security systems are used to track and prevent the theft of packages. This video will show you the results of an instance.

The footage begins when a delivery truck delivery two packages to a house. The truck then leaves. an automobile pulls up, and stops near the curb. An individual gets out of the car and strolls up to the door. She hurriedly grabs the packages and tries to hurry back to the car. She trips over a bush, and then falls to the ground. The woman appears to have bent her foot , and is experiencing some level of pain. Her companion comes to her and removes himself from his car. He takes her in and returns her to the vehicle. He returns to his car and retrieves the boxes. The faces of the burglars can be seen on the homeowner’s security camera. These packages can be given to the police. Once the crime is solved, they may require bail bond service.


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