Reid Supply Company Extends Offerings with New Line of Hand Wheels

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Muskegon, MI – September 30, 2013 – Reid Supply Company, which has been serving Muskegon, Michigan for more than 50 years announces the release of a line of hand wheels.

The U.S. based industrial products distribution company features a wide array of knobs, handles, clamps, tooling components, fasteners, leveling pads, and more, serving manufacturers and machine builders in 60 different countries. Reid Supply Company continually takes strides to expand its products and services.

The launch of a new selection of hand wheels will undoubtedly draw more business from the company’s worldwide consumer base, especially because of the wide variety of hand wheels now available. Typically used for applications in which general or precise adjustments need to be made using a turning mechanism, hand wheels from Reid Supply Company are available with a number of options.

Hand wheels are commonly used to adjust various functions of a machine. The web page featuring all of Reid’s new hand wheels allows customers to narrow down the selection based on color (black or silver), handle height (ranging from 1.63 inches to 3.31 inches), handle type (no handle or revolving), height from hub base to wheel top (ranging from 1.02 inches to 1.77 inches), hole size (ranging from .5 inch to .75 inch), hub diameter( ranging from 1.02 inches to 1.65 inches), hub height (ranging from .63 inch to .94 inch), or wheel diameter (ranging from 3.15 inches to 7.87 inches). Altogether, there are 24 great new products for customers to choose from. For more details on hand wheels and specifications, see

A new product launch is always a major announcement for companies like Reid Supply Company who serve so many customers all over the world. The new line will provide yet another excellent product to the world’s manufacturers and machine builders, helping them to ensure precision in their machine functions. Customers can also look forward to many more product launches from the prestigious Reid Supply Company.

Those who are interested in learning more about Reid Supply Company and its new line of hand wheels can visit the company online at or call toll free at 800-253-0421. Locals can visit at 2265 Black Creek Road, Muskegon, MI 49444.


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