Sharing Press Releases Online Is Essential for Any PR Representative

Press release format for events

If you are a public relations representative, then you are no stranger to the task of writing press releases in order to publicize the offering of products or services by the business you are representing. Or you may be a press release writer for a visual artist announcing a new exhibition or a classical musician about to present a series of concerts. Whatever your specific reason for writing event press releases, it is essential to recognize the importance of sharing online press releases with today’s tech savvy journalists.

The typical American journalist will encounter somewhere between 300 and 400 press releases daily. With this extreme influx of information on a consistent basis, it is all the more vital to strive for the highest rankings possible in search engine results. As for the shelf life of new press releases as they relate to SEO, the information features heavily in search engine results for about one to two weeks. Such press releases also help to improve SEO by encouraging the use of more backlinks, or link building.

Given this limited amount of time, it is especially important to saturate the web as much as possible and distribute your press releases to many different news outlets and independent journalists. Though not every news organization will “bite” on a given story, the more journalists have the information, the more likely it is that it will get published somewhere. In order to make it more feasible for journalists to report on the news, a quality press release will list the necessary contact information, just in case the reporter needs clarification regarding a particular fact.

If you have additional questions, comments, or suggestions about how to maximize the impact of the event press releases you publish, share them in the section below.

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