Smile Creations Offers Oral Appliance for Reduction of Migraine and TMJ Pain

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Cosmetic Specialty dental practice offers a solution for those who live with frequent migraines

Austin, TX — September 17, 2013 — Smile Creations is pleased to offer a specialized oral appliance to its patients that suffer from chronic migraines, TMJ and jaw pain. Knowing that conditions like these can be painful and interfere both with ones sleep habits and overall quality of life, Smile Creations can help those who are suffering to lead a normal life by significantly reducing or eliminating the pain altogether.

A Revolutionary Diagnostic System

Smile Creations uses a state-of-the-art Neuromuscular diagnostic and treatment system that allows them to help its patients in a way that other dentists typically cannot. Rather than simply treating the symptoms and leaving the problem intact, John Calvert, DDS, and his trusted staff eliminate as much of the underlying problem as possible.

With a simple appliance, patients that are suffering from TMJ, headaches, migraines, and neck and jaw pain can finally find relief. These revolutionary oral appliances can also replace bulky and uncomfortable C-PAP machines for those who suffer from sleep apnea at night. Not only will this small appliance be more comfortable, but more portable for those who may need to travel.

A Highly Skilled Team

Dr. John Calvert, DDS, has been in business for 28 years, and brings a unique blend of experience of education to the aide of his patients. Dr. Calvert received advanced training at the Pankey Institute of Advanced Dental Studies, where he learned how to properly identify and treat certain painful and chronic conditions.

In addition to providing pain relief, Smile Creations also provides its patients with a wide range of reconstructive, cosmetic and routine procedures, including crowns, veneers, smile makeovers, and routine cleanings.

Patients with minor to severe crowding of their teeth can also receive a new and improved Invisalign system to straighten their teeth. Less painful than traditional methods and nearly invisible to the casual observer, the Invisalign system is often the perfect option for those who want to correct their smiles without the use of metal braces.

Smile Creations has been serving its local community in Austin, TX for 28 years. If you are experiencing chronic jaw pain or migraines and are interested in learning how Smile Creators can help, please visit online at


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