The Evolution of Product Mascots – Art Magazines Online

Perhaps you’ve been familiar with the Geico gecko, America’s most beloved mascot for auto insurance. Although the Geico gecko is an extremely well-known brand, other associated with mascots are in use longer the beloved reptile. From Tony Tiger to Chester Cheetah, almost every successful food manufacturer has a type of mascot to go with it. In this clip, we are going to have the pleasure of seeing how today’s mascots started with the day!

Julio, the Pringles Man is first on this list. A lot of people do not know that the Pringles Mascot is named and, even more so, the fact that in recent years, he has gone through massive changes, including an ear. Cornelius Rooster, America’s corn flakes lookalike, began his appearance in the 1850s. Cornelius Rooster was born in the 1850s when printing technology was in its infancy. He used to only be white and black. He even had his very unique cartoon as well as a merch line in those days! Even though the Michelin man initially was an terrifying mascot initially The great Mister. Peanut changed the way he wore his monocle.


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