The Right Way to Pave a Parking Lot – Car Talk Radio

A parking lot can be a significant investment in time and money. This video will give you a quick overview of how to make use of pavers for parking.

It’s not a good idea to re-pave on damaged asphalt or other soft surfaces. Asphalt will fail quickly and is most likely to fail. Sometimes, the asphalt can fail within a few months after installation. Cracks reflect back onto an asphalt overlay in a frequency of 1″ annually. If a contractor fails to adequately prepare the surface can create cracks that will reappear in two years. It is also known locally as “reflective cracking”.

To create a strong base to install new asphalt within areas that are in danger It is essential to eliminate all asphalt below the subgrade. After the asphalt has been removed, the sub-grade is checked to determine the area that is in compromise.

Your asphalt subbase that you just installed is one of the most critical parts. Parking lots can turn unstable if the subbase is not stable. It’s very simple. Basis materials serve as the foundation or the foundation of your new parking area. It is essential to install them correctly first time.

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