Three Tips for Writing a Top Notch Press Release

Pr press release

When writing a press release for an event, there are a few helpful, common sense tips that will enable you to communicate the vital information to the media outlets that need to know.

1. State the crux of the press release clearly in the title.

In order to effectively grab the attention of the reader, you will want to plainly state the reason for the release in the title. Your intended audience will have no reason to read on if they do not have an idea about what it is they are reading. For example, if you are writing a music press release, you might use Coldplay Announces 2014 International Tour. If the press release is business related, perhaps you would use Target Announces New CEO. The bottom line is that the title should have information that gives the reader reason to continue reading.

2. The best press release will use logical structure, with concise language that avoids ambiguity.

The last thing journalists want to do is read a release that confuses rather than illuminates. To that end, it is always a good idea to place the most pertinent and pressing information toward the top, with biographies and other supplemental information closer to the end. This way, if the media outlet in question decides that it only needs enough information to write a one to two paragraph blurb, they can likely find what they need in the beginning of the release. If a longer article is planned,the entire press release is easily accessible.

3. Incorporate a visual component.

Using an image or two, or even a video, if it is an online press release, interspersed in the text, is a great way to provide a bit of variety for the readers eye. Many people are visual learners who benefit from seeing the press release, so to speak, as well as reading it. The images you use may be headshots, or you may want to use a custom graphic as well. Regardless of what images you embed in the text, it may be helpful to the journalists to have access to additional press images and video clips at the bottom of the release, which can then be used in their articles.

If you have questions or recommendations about writing a press release for an event, make your thoughts known in the comments section below.

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