Watch These Guys Intentionally Break Unusual New York City Laws – Entertainment Videos

e law. It is generally a complicated as well as stressful. But, having a professional for example, the family law lawyer can help make the process easier. However, in this particular video, some guys intentionally attempted breaking laws that are unusual. Many were laws that had been in place for a long time and were not being changed. See this video for what happens next. It is not recommended to perform any of these feats.

The most funny rule is that you cannot derive any pleasure from hitting an individual in the eye with a ball in the public space. This video shows the person throwing the ball in a light manner at his companion. But, it didn’t get the attention of authorities. They tried selling dog hair at a nearby farmer’s market. The couple were then kicked out of the market, as you might imagine. Despite this, they were not detained. The owners were able to buy a small bags of hair for dogs, that is illegal to purchase in New York City. It is obvious that no cops actually enforce such bizarre laws, even in the normal course of.


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