Watch This Clopay Garage Door Demonstration – Melrose Painting

ls aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting product, it is easy to feel assured in choosing the right product. Clopay’s garage doors can be found in three different construction choices that include one, two, and three layers. There are a variety of insulation choices, including polyurethane in the thickness of 2 inches or 1-3/8 inches, polystyrene in dimensions of 2 inches, or 1-3/8 inch, or 1-1/2 inches of vinyl-backed polystyrene.

The R-values of insulated Clopay garage doors vary between 6.34 to 18.4. The durable multi-layered coating with a hot-dipped galvanized coating and baked-on primer, finishes and primer protect their steel skins. There are both long- and short-panel options for grooved-panel steel carriages. There are 12 custom finish color options to select from, including black, almond, and Ultra-Grain Oak Walnut.

Clopay garage doors adhere to guidelines for environmental protection. They are free of any HFCs. If you’re searching for gorgeous garage doors that are in line with the decor of your home Contact the Clopay provider. hdexn3ghpy.

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