What is Architectural Signage? – Andre Blog

ght about getting architectural signage? The idea is to make your company different from the others with a distinctive sign. What is an architectural sign? This video is made by the president of an Architectural Sign company. He will explain the benefits from architectural signage to us.

This kind of signage is one that both designers and contractors will work to create. Since this signage is more than the appearance the contractors must be there to ensure they can achieve this goal. When you do hire an agency to design this type of signage, you’ll make a schedule, write down your goals and then agree to the budget. Every person involved in the project works with each other and takes an equal part in this project.

Take a look at this video in its entirety and see some of the signs that they have created for a street of business. This video could be a source of inspiration or cause you to desire to locate a company that can help you.


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