What Sets Faith-Base Health Care Apart? – J Search


cards. This is an alternative to the conventional health system, which is built entirely on religion. What differentiates it?
It’s about the whole Person

There are those who call it “body as well as mind and soul,” and others call it “complementary or alternative” medical treatment. This includes non-traditional healing techniques such as reiki and acupuncture. These should not be confused with spiritual care.

Nursing Assistant Amy Wilson of St. Francis describes that faith-based health care concerns the “care.” Praying as well as helping patients cope with their lives in the community is what religion is all about.

The whole point is sharing

Instead of traditional insurance A group of people is able to share healthcare expenses. They contribute money into a pool which is used to pay medical expenses. It’s a non-profitand community effort to help.

In order to be eligible, participants should keep track of their weight and blood pressure, and BMI documents. However, if a member has an illness, they are not able to be dismissed. However, they might be reinstated if the person is not contributing.

The difference that sets religious-based healthcare different from other health care providers isn’t a distant connection to insurance, but rather an enduring, shared dedication to health.


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