What You Should Know Before Getting Car Tinting – Daves Auto Glass Repair

re a few things you must know before you make the decision to have it fitted. Continue reading to learn more about tinting your car.

First, not all tinting is created equal. There are hundreds of manufacturers and various films on the market. You’ll usually be able to judge how good the film is just by the price. Meaning the cheaper film isn’t always superior. It is possible to not recognize that a poor quality film is getting put in your car windows until a year later , when it begins to fade becomes purple, fades, or even starts to bubble. This is why it is vital to find out which film is put on your vehicle.

There are three primary types of car tinting films: car film that include dyed film paper, and ceramic film.

Film that is dyed is the least expensive and most simple. This film blocks sun and offers a stunning appearance.

The layer of metalized Film helps in block heat. Metalized films can appear mirror-like, which is not consistent with the original tint. This may cause signals to interfere with cellphones as well as radios.

Ceramic film is most popular because it has Infrared heat reduction, similar to that of the film that is metalized, but is not a single cause of interference.

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