Where Italian Marble Comes From – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

The whole world. It is located in the Apuan Alps located in the northern part of Tuscany it is possible to find the questions that generate more marble than elsewhere on earth. These queries have the capacity to produce four million tonnes of marble every year, valued at 1.1 Billion dollars. The routes that lead to the questions can be extremely dangerous due to the fact that they’re very narrow and long and curvy.

The procedure of removing the marble itself is not an easy one. The worker at the quarry must make three holes in order to get the marble slab. The top one and two in the middle. Three holes are connected to form a middle. The wire goes through the hole and is spun rapidly using water as a lubricant. This process is repeated until the marble slab is lifted from its mountain. The wire is also useful for shaping the slab after it has been cut. A substitute for the wire is a huge chainsaw, which cuts right through the mountain. The blocks of marble at the high point are extremely heavy, which is why large machines will be needed for transportation across the mountains.


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